Area Management / Supervision

Your area supervisor will look after the day-to-day issues on site and manage the daily cleaning staff.

The principal duties of the Supervisor are as follows:

  • To liaise with the designated contact on a regular basis to discuss the cleaning standard and any issues that may arise from time to time.
  • To communicate effectively with the onsite contact person and the Key Account Manager.
  • To ensure all staff are on-site at the correct time and have commenced their duties in accordance with the agreed cleaning schedule.
  • To complete regular inspections of the site in accordance with the monthly audit.
  • Induction of new staff and monitoring existing staff to ensure all staff is aware of their response to fire/evacuation alarms and their correct assembly points in the event of same.
  • Make all cleaning staff site safety awareness and ensure they are properly inducted and properly trained.
  • To keep proper records of attendance of staff and check sheets of work completed and to keep such records available on request.
  • To ensure that all cleaning materials are to be ordered in good time and stored safely and securely so that they are available when required.
  • All I.S.O. 9001 (14001/18001) documentation is to be completed promptly and accurately and be available for inspection.
  • A cleaning log must be properly maintained and will include M.S.D.S. sheets for all cleaning materials.
  • Be responsible for the conduct and behavior of all cleaning staff on site and immediately report any behavior which may contravene the company’s terms and conditions of employment.
  • Ensure that equipment, materials, and safety signs are stored correctly and replaced in the proper storage area after us