Cagney Contract Cleaning are accredited to ISO: 14001 Environmental System 

It  is  the  policy  of  Cagney  Contract  Cleaning  to  continually  improve  their environmental performance and prevent pollution by actively pursuing: -

  • Compliance   with   all   applicable   legal   requirements   relevant   to   the   company’s operations and its environmental impacts.
  • Safe methods of cleaning and the use of safe cleaning products, both to the operative and the environment.
  • Use of pole wash, chemical free, window cleaning system.
  • Reducing packaging and waste where possible and to ensure legal disposal of waste created by the company.
  • Offering the option to customers and encourage the use of bio-degradable waste bags and bin liners where feasible and practicable.
  • Use of recyclable consumable products.
  • Recycling of waste cardboard, paper, batteries, ink cartridges, bulbs, glass, aluminium, tin, waste electrical equipment (WEEE) and composting on client sites where available.
  • Use of trigger action spray bottles where feasible and practicable.
  • Use of recycled cloths where feasible and practicable.
  • Utilisation of reusable cleaning technology where feasible.
  • Dry cleaning of carpets using dry cleaning powder and minimum water.
  • Use  of  cleaning  products  at  their  optimum  strength  using  a  dosing  system  which reduces transportation and packaging.
  • Appointing  suppliers  and  contractors  with  a  track  record  of  good  environmental performance.
  • Employment of staff as local as possible to their place of work.