Ailin Cagney Award

Ailin Cagney was one of the founding partners of Cagney Contract Cleaning. Ailin passed away suddenly in October 2004 and is remembered fondly by Patrick & Garvan, his brothers and all his Family and all those who worked with him. The Ailin Cagney Prize was introduced in 2005 to honour his memory.

The Award was awarded every 3 months, however from October 2019, the Ailin Cagney Award is awarded every month to 12 exemplary employees a year and it singles out an employee who has shown significant personal development and has consistently displayed excellent customer service qualities which were the embodiment of Ailin himself. 

Ailin would be very happy to have someone treat themselves and some friends on the basis of his prize and we know he would be very proud of all the recipients so far since we started the awards in 2005. 

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