Subcontracted Services

Washroom Consumables

As part of a daily cleaning contract we can offer the latest in dispensing technology for washroom consumables.

  • We offer our clients a fully managed washroom consumable serivice.
  • Our staff will ensure that you have the correct amount of product on site at all times. 
  • Each delivery of stock will have a POD.
  • Cost in use benefits, when compared to traditional systems, will demonstrate where savings can be achieved.
  • Controlled dispensing reduces consumption and innovative design ensures cost effectivenes,

Pest Control

  • Complete a full site survey and Pest Control Risk Assessment.
  • conduct a thorough site survey to identify all areas and conditions attractive or susceptible to pest ingress and activity – for example, gaps under exit doors where rodents may enter the building or areas which may pose a potential hygiene problem.
  • Construct a Pest Prevention action plan. 
  • Tailored to your requirements, this action plan includes housekeeping and proofing recommendations, recovery steps and preventative measures – with the aim of creating and sustaining a pest free environment.
  • On commencement of the contract a suitable number of internal bait points will be identified and recorded.
  • Our service team will then set out a schedule appropriate intervals to inspect for Rat and Mice activity.
  • Our aim is to ensure your premises remain pest free and safeguarded against future infestation. 
  • All activity will be recorded and reported after every visit.

Feminine Hygiene

  • Sanitary Towel Disposal and Maintenance service
  • Air Fresheners
  • Sanitary Towel / Tampon Vending
  • The units are exchanged at regular intervals to the client’s specifications and signed for.
  • Free Standing, requiring no power or water clearly labelled for easy use. 
  • Units contain a safe, effective germicide, incorporating a natural enzyme, which combats harmful bacteria and protects against HIV.

Waste Management

We can provide trained operatives to work on sites where you manage the waste service, who will work hand in hand with your management team to ensure that recycling is promoted.
These operatives will be responsible for the movement of waste throughout the site, management of waste segregation, baling, shredding and general cleaning duties in accordance with the agreed schedule. 
The following is a breakdown of the types of waste we handle:
  • Batteries
  • WEEE
  • General Waste to Landfill
  • Paper
  • Mixed Plastic Bottles / Cans
  • Cardboard Recycled
  • Glass