Ailin Cagney Award Winners 2019

The Award was awarded every 3 months, however from October 2019, the Ailin Cagney Award is awarded every month to 12 exemplary employees a year and it singles out an employee who has shown significant personal development and has consistently displayed excellent customer service qualities which were the embodiment of Ailin himself. 
The Ailin Cagney Award is a prize, awarded to an employee in the form of a €250 voucher. Ailin was a founding partner of the business in 1977 and sadly passed away in 2004. This quarterly award honors his memory through the recognition of our staff's achievement. 
All winners were nominated by their Managers due to being team players, going above and beyond, flexible and responsible and ongoing hard work and efforts on a daily basis. Congratulations to the winners! 




December's Winner is Thanh Cam







November's Winner is Tatiana Amorim Mota 









October's Winner is Dajana Kovacova 







Quarter 3 winner is Iveta Kandracova.

Iveta is diligent, professional and extremely flexible member of the team. She is a team player who always delivers excellent service to the client, often dealing with additional request without any hesitation. She receives high praise from many clients due to your can do attitude. She is a real asset to the team and to her Manager, Annette Doyle who was delighted nominating Iveta.





Quarter 2 winner is Alyona Zhelyapova and she was nominated for the Ailin Cagney award by her Area Supervisor, Rasa Petrauskiene.

The winner for the second quarter of 2019 is Alyona Zhelyapova.

Rasa was happy to nominate Alyona as she is helpful above and beyond the call of duty, we can reply on her in any circumstances to complete all tasks and give it 100%. She is always punctual and professional and it is a pleasure when we receive compliments from our client regarding her work and working relationship with all staff. Alyona has a wonderful working relationship with all her colleagues and she is an asset to our Company. We would like congratulate Alyona and thank her for all her hard work.




Quarter 1 winner is Daniela Hiticas and she was nominated for the Ailin Cagney award by her Area Supervisor, Erika Druskeviciene.

Erika was delighted to nominate Daniela and although it was difficult to choose from her staff, she feels Daniela's professional attitude, punctuality and team work made her a worthy recipient of this award. We would like congratulate Daniela and thank her for all her hard work.